Young Performers Theater Camp

2021 Young Performers Theatre Camp

(Updated on May 1, 2021)



This is a performing arts camp for children and teens, ages 9 through 18, who have an expressed interest in the theater and/or dance.  Children will be required to choose a major (Dance or Musical Theatre).  Dance majors will receive instruction and stage experience in DANCE (ballet, tap, modern & Jazz).  Musical Theatre majors will receive instruction and stage experience in VOCAL MUSIC (choral singing, harmony & music theory), DRAMA (acting, improvisation, stage movement & speech), and DANCE (creative movement & choreography). 

Due to Covid and the closure of our theatres at the University of PA, we can only offer one combined musical theatre production this summer --  NEWSIES  --  at our Venice Island Performing Arts Center, located at 7 Lock Street, on the Schuylkill River in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.  We are scheduled to have a live performance of Newsies during the last week of camp.   This is a great opportunity for young performers to rehearse and perform in a professional space.  

Our dance major program has not yet been finalized.   Please come back and check for updates.

Also, please note that due to Covid, we must limit our camper number to 30 total performers, and due to social distancing, we are unable to provide bus transportation this summer -- so  campers would need to navigate their way to and from Venice Island theatre.



The camp will start Tuesday, July 6th and run for six weeks (Monday-Friday) through Friday, August 13, 2021.   Camp begins promptly at 9am and continues until 2pm.   We expect all cast members to be on time.  



The registration & tuition for the six week encampment is $300.  A money order, payable to Venice Island PAC, is due at the individual parent orientation/registration meeting as we may not be able to provide our normal parent orientation night due to social distancing procedures.      A late fee of $20.00 will be accessed any payment received after June 25, 2021.



Only online registrations will be accepted.   You can register by clicking the "forms" subhead at the bottom left of this page and scrolling down to the application for YPTC registration (it's the last form).   Upon submission, you will immediately receive a copy of your application via email.  

We will email you in mid-May to set up a time for onsite registration. If your child has been in our camp in previous years, we do not require a birth certificate copy or letters of recommendation.   New campers will be required to virtually audition.  Information on this process will be relayed via email in mid May.


Thanks for your patience and consideration.   Last summer, the best we could offer were virtual lessons.   This year, we're live & we again promise to offer the best possible performing arts experience for our campers.