Mission Statement

  • To coordinate, promote, and expand cultural programs for the City of Philadelphia and the Parks and Recreation Department
  • To provide cultural activity in which youth and adults of various backgrounds and interests can positively interact through creative expression
  • To provide children, teens, and adults the opportunity to perform before an audience
  • To implement cultural programs for children and teens that develop performing arts skills, promote creative social interaction, and instill a sense of pride & accomplishment in the participants.
  • Inspire and encourage creative self-expression and build self-esteem within children and teens
  • Provide youth individual and collaborative hands-on experiences in all aspects of performing arts.
  • To enhance the cultural experiences and aid in the development of new cultural programs for the city of Philadelphia.
  • To cultivate a deeper appreciation of the performing arts within all participants and spectators

The Performing Arts teach children and young adults the skills they need to grow, learn, and succeed