Young Performers Camp Parent Letter -- July 14, 2017

THIS  LETTER  IS  NOT intended for 2018 Summer Camp candidates.   Please back space out....


Hello YPTC parents & guardians,

Our first 2 weeks of camp are over and I wanted to thank you for entrusting your children to us, and have been impressed with the work and energy they are putting into their practices.


Please go back to your email submission and confirm it is the correct email address. --  Many emails are difficult to interpret as the difference between a 1 and an l (one and a small "l") or a 0 and a 0 (zero and a small "o") are impossible to determine.   If you have one of these numbers/letters in your email, please send me an email under our "contact" page on this website and if it is a number please italicize or underline it.   Otherwise, we will assume it is a letter.   Please check that right away as our notices will go to your emails for all upcoming events and special offerings during the school year which I can offer to your children.   For example, many parents told me they didn't know about the free ice skating party in November where we distribute the DVDs to the campers, and a check of their emails tells us what happened.  If you don't mind checking that now and sending me a contact email before we go onto the rest of this letter, that would be tremendous.

   We will be creating a YPTC email parent list starting next week for each of our four camps so I can send out information as it pertains to your child's age group.  These days, most emails with an incorrect address do not  get bounced back, so it's vital to have the correct info.  I know it's a bother, but I discover free or reduced cost time-sensitive performing arts programming around the city (like the free family Museum Day sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine last year which many parents enjoyed)  -  but only if I have your exact email address.  So thanks for the check.



1.  AD. BOOK:   We create an ad book (which was distributed at the parent orinetations in June) and include a program for each YPTC performance.  If you would like to place an ad in this book, there is a sheet in your camper's packet which includes a form you can fill out and give your child as of this wednesday, july 19th.   Please place any monies in an envelope marked "AD BOOK" and put Ms. Deb's name on the envelope.  This book is distributed at all YPTC performances.   If you have a photo or photo-ready ad you'd like to include, you can email me a .jpeg.  If you need an ad book form, send me an email and I can attach a copy.



2..   We can generally do a parents day where you get to visit the camp, walk through our practices to see how we teach your children, lunch and watch a short preview of their upcoming performance at the Zellerbach theatre at the Annenberg.  Unfortunately, that theatre (which is the larget onsite), is under renovation to put in a new sprinkler system and is unavailable to us.  Our other areas this summer do not have the seating or stage capacity to handle both campers and parents and so we cannot have parents day this summer, which would have been held on friday, July 21st.   That is also the first day of ticket sales where we offer a discounted rate.


    Here are our shows for the summer of 2017:

* Dance Concert on Thursday, August 10th at 7pm at the Irvine Auditorium, 34th and Spruce Street across from the University of PA hospital), 19104.   

      note to dance parents:  The Irvine Auditorium is a 1200 seat theatre and it's extremely expensive.  We are renting it beginning Monday, August 7th so the dancers can practice there and get ready for their show.   As there is plenty of room, we are only offering one  evening  

                                              performance on Thursday, August 10th at 7pm.     Beginning Monday, August 7th, you can drop off and pick up your dancer at 34th & Spruce but it is a very congested corner and you will not be able to pull over and wait for long.  

                                              So you may prefer them to meet you at the Irongate Theatre at 37th & Chestnut.                                  

 *Junior Musical Theatre (Aladdin, Jr) on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 8th and 9th at 7:30pm at the Irongate Theatre, 37th & Chestnut Street, 19104. 

* Teen Musical Theare ( The Little Mermaid) on Thursday & Friday, August 10th & 11th, at 7pm at Venice Island Arts Center, 7 Lock Street in Manayunk, 19127.

* Senior Musical Theatre (Love Conquers All) on Thursday & Friday, August 3rd & 4th, at 7pm at Venice Island Arts Center, 7 Lock Sreet in Manayunk, 19127.


If you would like discounted tickets for $10, they are available on friday, July 21st only.   To receive them, please send with your camper that morning a sealed letter with the child's name, name of show, how many tickets you wish (therre is a ticket limit on the Junior show and the teen show which is explained in the camper packet you received when you paid for their camp), and the money in either a money order or cash, tell them to give the envelope to either their director, Ms. Deb or myself and we will return that same envelope to your camper scotched taped with the tickets inside that day or monday.  If you would like additional seats for the junior or teen show, please put a note inside and we will place you on our ticket sale list as not all families utilize their ticket limit, and there will be tickets which become available as of Tuesday, August 1st.  There will be ticket sales (if available) on the performance date, but they do carry a higher rate.


3.   COSTUMES:   The directors will be providing a costume sheet for the children by the end of next week.  Be asking for it when they return to you on July 21st.


4.   CAST. LISTS:    The musical theatre casts have been determined.  Your child will know which cast/night they will be featured by this Monday, July 17th.  That way you can request the specific performance you wish to see.


5.   FOOD  MENU:    The food delivery has finally seemed to settle down.  As our camp is highly structured, some days the food was delivered too late to be eaten during the assigned lunch period.  This sensitive and hard to balance issue is controlled by the state of PA and the city food office, and it seems the children have not been desiring the lunch option, and as a result, when the state officials visited yesterday, they cut back the number of lunches since only 25 out of 65 children opted for the lunch.   So it might be a good idea to put a little extra nutirition in their backpack if we are caught short.

      I did recieve a lunch and snack menu yesterday which I will send out next week when we create the parent email lists.

6.   PICKUP of CHILDREN:   Please do not block traffic when picking up your children, especially at the Irongate theatre at 37th and Chestnut where our buses already are lining up on Chestnut Street.   The children are signed out and can come to you at 2pm, please don't arrive too early and block the buses or the 37th street light.  37th street is a 2 way street.   


Thanks for encouraging and inspiring your children to grow in the performing arts.   More and more studies show the interconnectedness of our brains and how the arts increases other brain capacities.  I see more and more studies with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) are infused with the Arts.   ---    in fact, your Parks and Recreation office did a STEAM program 2 years ago teaching teens the "back end" of lights, sound, management & filming of theatre, and we hope to do even more.


If you have any questions, the best way to get me is email at