Laughter Yoga Clubs

Philadelphia's first Laughter Club meets Monday evenings at 7PM at Torresdale Playground, 9550 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19114.  

Laughter Yoga Hotline: (215) 673-3709.

Founded in 1995 by a cardiologist and his Yoga teaching wife, Laughter Yoga has over 6,000 clubs worldwide in 103 countries.   This fun, free group class is designed with exercises to induce laughter without comedy, jokes or humor.  Since your body doesn't know the difference between real and fake laughter, you receive the positive cardio benefits associated with laughter while having a great time. Science has proven this exercise provides more cardio benefits than a treadmill.    Please register at Torresdale Playground or at the link below:                                  

Bring your friends or make new ones.

Sign up for the Laughter Club here.