Laughter Club Registration Form

(These programs are locally offered by the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Performing Arts Office)


General Information on Laughter Yoga:      Laughter Yoga Clubs were established by Dr. Madan Kataria in India more than 20 years ago.  Since then it has grown from an initial group of six friends to over 5,000 established clubs in 106 countries.

                                                     Laugher Yoga has been researched/ is in use at the Mayo Clinic, Temple & Jefferson Hospital, promoted worldwide by various health and avant guarde professional.   If you are interested in the back story, go to:     ... the official international website at Laughter Yoga International University.   This fun, simple exercise program has been embraced by scientists, doctors, children, the elderly and infirmed --  everyone.    After all, who doesn't like to laugh?    It's probably the easiest exercise program you've ever tried...     And we're just getting it started in Philadelphia!


Local Class (Free)

      MONDAY  EVENINGS at 6:16pm:   (registration at 6pm).   For adults only

                                 Where:              Lloyd Hall (the first Boathouse behind the art museum).  Free parking available. 


      This discipline is also available at selected recreation centers/playgrounds across the city.   It is in use at Afterschool programs and Older Adult Centers in Philadelphia as well.



Sunday, May 5th, 2019 at LLoyd Hall. (1st Boathouse behind Philadelphia Art Museum)

      This event will be celebrated across the globe as Laughter Yoga enthusiasts (and the curious) gather at this free family-oriented fest for peace.   The program includes a reading of last year's mayoral proclamation declaring May 6, 2018 as World Laughter Day in Philadelphia, as well as a group Laughter Yoga demonstration led by various LY club leaders in the Philadelphia region.



Questions,  write us at the contact page on this website...